American Wigeon: Facts, Characteristics, Habitat & More

The American Wigeon is a medium-sized dabbling duck that measures about 16-23 inches in length and has a wingspan of 30-35 inches. The male has a distinctive white patch on its forehead, a greenish-black head, a grayish-blue bill with a black tip, and a chestnut-colored body with white underparts. The female has a mottled brown body with a grayish-blue bill. Both sexes have a white patch on their wings that is visible in flight. They are commonly found in wetlands, marshes, and shallow ponds throughout North America.

Characteristics and Facts About American Wigeon

1. Medium-sized duck
2. Males have a distinctive white patch on their forehead and a green stripe behind their eye
3. Females have a mottled brown and gray plumage
4. Both sexes have a blue-gray bill with a black tip
5. They have a rounded head and a compact body
6. Their wings are pointed and narrow, allowing for fast and agile flight
7. They have a distinctive whistling call
8. They are migratory birds, breeding in northern North America and wintering in southern North America and Mexico
9. They prefer shallow wetlands and marshes for feeding and nesting
10. They primarily feed on aquatic plants, but also consume insects and small invertebrates.

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