Andros Island Woodpecker: Facts, Characteristics, Habitat & More

The Andros Island Woodpecker is a medium-sized bird that measures around 23 cm in length. It has a distinctive black and white plumage with a red crown on its head. The male and female have similar markings, but the male has a larger red crown.

This woodpecker is endemic to Andros Island in the Bahamas and is found in pine forests and coppice habitats. It feeds on insects, fruits, and seeds and is known for its drumming behavior, which is used to communicate with other birds and establish territory.

The Andros Island Woodpecker is considered a vulnerable species due to habitat loss and fragmentation caused by logging and development. Conservation efforts are underway to protect its habitat and ensure its survival.

Characteristics and Facts About Andros Island Woodpecker

– Endemic to Andros Island in the Bahamas
– Medium-sized woodpecker, about 9-10 inches in length
– Males have a red crown and nape, while females have a black crown and nape
– Black and white striped face and neck
– Black wings with white spots and bars
– White underparts with black spots and bars
– Feeds on insects and larvae found in dead wood and tree bark
– Builds nests in tree cavities
– Listed as critically endangered due to habitat loss and degradation, as well as predation by introduced species such as feral cats and rats.

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