American Tree Sparrow: Facts, Characteristics, Habitat & More

The American Tree Sparrow is a small, plump bird with a round head and a short tail. It has a rusty cap and eyeline, a gray face, and a streaked brown back. Its underparts are white with a central spot on the breast and a black spot on the chest. It has a thin, pointed bill and pink legs. During the breeding season, males have a brighter rusty cap and a more distinct black spot on the chest. They are commonly found in open woodlands, shrubby areas, and fields across North America.

Characteristics and Facts About American Tree Sparrow

1. Small size: American Tree Sparrows are small birds, measuring around 5-6 inches in length and weighing only about 0.5-0.7 ounces.

2. Rusty cap: These birds have a distinctive rusty-colored cap on their head, which contrasts with their grayish-brown back and wings.

3. White belly: The American Tree Sparrow has a white belly and undertail coverts, which makes it easy to identify.

4. Dark eye stripe: These birds have a dark eye stripe that runs from the base of the bill to the back of the head.

5. Yellow spot on the face: American Tree Sparrows have a small yellow spot on their face, just in front of the eye.

6. Short, conical bill: Their bill is short and conical, which is adapted for cracking open seeds and other small food items.

7. Winter visitor: These birds breed in the Arctic tundra and migrate south to spend the winter in the northern United States and Canada.

8. Social behavior: American Tree Sparrows are social birds and often form flocks during the winter months.

9. Melodic song: These birds have a sweet, melodic song that is often heard during the breeding season.

10. Omnivorous diet: American Tree Sparrows feed on a variety of foods, including seeds, insects, and berries.

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