Where To Buy Ostrich Eggs

If you like trying out new delicacies, then no doubt an ostrich egg will interest you. Many people are aware of the nutritional benefits of ostrich meat, but not so many are familiar with what to do with ostrich eggs.

Ostrich eggs have many benefits, and finding them can be a hassle. This article discusses every detail of ostrich eggs plus where to buy ostrich eggs for your convenience. Read on to know more.

Ostrich Eggs

An ostrich egg

An ostrich is a giant bird in the world, explaining why it lays the giant eggs. Most ostriches are dated to belong to Sub-Saharan Africa, belonging to a group of birds called ratites.

Ostriches are flightless birds in the same group as a rhea, emu, and kiwi. A female can lay eggs once or twice a week during its breeding season for up to 30 years.

The eggs of an ostrich have different color ranges, including tan, bone-white and shiny. 

What Is The Size Of An Ostrich Egg?

An ostrich egg

Since an ostrich egg is the largest in the world, how big is it? The ostrich egg is oval with a lustrous, porcelain-like shell, pockmarked with hundreds of pores. The ostrich eggs vary in shape, weight, size, shell structure, and porosity. An ostrich egg is approximately 6 inches long and 5 inches wide.

An ostrich egg has an average weight of 3 pounds containing 2 pounds of egg protein. The shell of the egg is about 2-4 mm thick. An ostrich egg has an equivalent weight of 24 chicken eggs. Since it has a high protein value, people tend to look for places to purchase to use it for different reasons.

Are Ostrich Eggs Edible?

Preparing an ostrich egg

Yes, an ostrich egg is edible and highly nutritious; that is why many people are on the hunt to find them. An ostrich egg contains 2000 calories, more magnesium, iron, and vitamin A and E than a chicken egg.

An ostrich lays different sizes of eggs. The small-sized egg is known as the test egg. This egg is the first egg that the female ostrich will lay. This egg is not fertile because it has no yolk. Therefore, the egg is commonly not sold as it is fed to the female ostrich, who will break the egg with the breastbone and eat it for calcium.

The distorted egg is formed due to a lack of calcium, if the female ostrich was disturbed during the laying process, or if she had an unbalanced diet.

Why Do People Buy Ostrich Eggs

Ostrich eggs have a more sweet buttery taste and are a bit more intense when compared to other bird eggs. On average, one ostrich egg has around 47% protein. Ostrich eggs are highly rich in vitamin E, B1 (thiamine), B5 (pantothenic acid), and B9 (folic acid), but lower concentrations of vitamins A and B2 (riboflavin) compared to a chicken egg.

Sportspersons often choose ostrich eggs because they are rich in Omega-3 and fiber, and they are the best choices for body growth due to the high amounts of zinc, calcium, and manganese. In addition, Ostrich eggs do not contain any sodium. Because of this, ostrich eggs may be a better choice for people on a low sodium diet. The advantage of buying an Ostrich egg is that one scrambled egg can feed up to 18 individuals.

Where To Buy Ostrich Eggs

Ostrich eggs are expensive relative to chicken eggs. On average, an ostrich egg price is around $30. As a result, many places do not sell edible ostrich eggs, principally because Ostrich eggs are impractical and not economical.

If you want to save money and time when shopping online, navigate through Amazon.com, and discover unlimited potential. You should take advantage of the captivating ostrich eggs on the site and settle for your interest. If you want to resell them at a profit, I would advise you to place large orders and enjoy unbeatable discounts for ostrich egg wholesalers and suppliers.

Are you looking for a wholesale ostrich egg? Amazon.com is your one-stop shop. An ostrich egg is necessary if you want to invest in or upgrade your poultry farm. With the increasing protein demand, you can enjoy significant profit margins.

An artificial incubator will help boost your flock by facilitating egg hatching. In addition, the machine helps help improve the productivity of your birds as they will not have to brood. The type of ostrich egg you select depends on your preference and how much you wish to be involved in the hatching process.

An ostrich egg makes the equivalent of a 24-chicken egg omelet, and most people do not need a regular breakfast. An edible ostrich egg costs approximately the same as a live chick, and most consumers would not be willing to pay for their breakfast.

Benefits Of Buying Ostrich Eggs

Ostrich egg shell

If you alternatively want to buy other ostrich products, it is possible to buy empty ostrich eggshells. However, you can only find them online and at reputable ostrich farms. The eggshells can be used for arts and crafts decorations.

Most ostrich farms will sell the shells from infertile eggs, the eggs that have no embryo developed. Using a diamond drill bit to create a small hole, you can extract the egg yolk and egg white. The eggshells will be sterilized in a bleach bath before shipping them out.

Ornamental ostrich eggshells are still used today in North African homes. They may adorn the roofs of straw huts or be gilded and placed in a chandelier. The shells are also used in jewelry and small ornaments.

Small discs and shapes are cut from the shell to use in necklaces, pendants, belts, and anklets. Ostrich eggs are also being studied by scientists trying to develop new treatments for viruses and bacteria.

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