Andean Goose: Facts, Characteristics, Habitat & More

The Andean Goose is a medium-sized bird that is found in the high-altitude regions of the Andes Mountains in South America. It has a distinctive black head and neck, with a white chinstrap and a greyish-brown body. The wings are dark grey with white patches, and the bill and legs are pinkish-orange. They are typically … Read more

Andean Flicker: Facts, Characteristics, Habitat & More

The Andean Flicker is a medium-sized woodpecker found in the Andes Mountains of South America. It has a brownish-gray body with black bars on its back and wings, and a bright red patch on the nape of its neck. The male has a black mustache stripe and a red mustache patch, while the female has … Read more

Amur Falcon: Facts, Characteristics, Habitat & More

The Amur Falcon is a small bird of prey that breeds in eastern Asia and migrates to southern Africa during the winter. The male has a blue-grey head and wings, a chestnut back and tail, and a white underbelly. The female is brown with streaks on the underbelly. They are known for their spectacular migration, … Read more

Amethyst Sunbird: Facts, Characteristics, Habitat & More

The Amethyst Sunbird is a small, brightly colored bird found in southern Africa. The male has a metallic purple-blue head, back, and wings, with a greenish-yellow breast and belly. The female is less colorful, with a brownish-gray head and back, and a yellowish-brown breast and belly. Both sexes have long, curved bills and feed on … Read more

American Wigeon: Facts, Characteristics, Habitat & More

The American Wigeon is a medium-sized dabbling duck that measures about 16-23 inches in length and has a wingspan of 30-35 inches. The male has a distinctive white patch on its forehead, a greenish-black head, a grayish-blue bill with a black tip, and a chestnut-colored body with white underparts. The female has a mottled brown … Read more